Fire King Charcoa

17th Sep 2019

Fire King Charcoal is a company that consists of 4 young Directors born and bred in Port Shepstone.

They are solution drivers also trying to assist with the current problem of unemployment that we are faced with in South Africa. They currently have 27 permanent staff within the company who are also in turn are able to now put bread on the table for their families.

They are currently servicing a contract to supply ALL Boxer Stores in South Africa with quality Charcoal.Β  Fire King Charcoal is only available at all Boxer Stores in KZN and will be gradually moving on to the rest of South Africa as they are able to secure more infrastructure to be able to push at higher capacities.

“We are calling out to all South Africans to support our movement, to support us young black entrepreneurs to continue making a difference to the lives of young men and women”-Fire King Charcoal.

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