Refilwe Matlhoko

22nd Aug 2019

Refilwe Matlhoko a 25 years old female, born and bred in a remote village called Pachsdraai near Groot Marico in the North West Province. She holds an LLB degree and currently enrolled for a Masters programme in Commerce in the field of Taxation, (MCom Tax) with Wits University. She is also running an NGO (Civil Youth Institute), where I worked on a number of projects with the Gauteng Provincial Department of Education and the City of Johannesburg, developing and motivating young people in the public schools. In the year 2017 I attended the 10th annual International Young Leadership Congress in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and continued to strive for my fellow young people’s success, I am indeed an agent of active change.

Growing up with my 5 siblings and my mother who is a single parent was not easy at all. My mother was always supportive and encouraging us to work harder to change our situation at home. It was hard especially with the number of siblings I had, one had to wait forever to get what you need because your turn has passed, unless of course it was something School related. I had always wanted to be a writer and a Poet, because I was an A student in English and Setswana literature classes since primary school. That also motivated me to write Setswana literature books and Young Children Theatre plays. The uncomfortable 😣 situation at home is the one that pushed me to do better and be a great person and an example in the society. I had to appreciate every little small thing i got because i was taught that someone out there has got nothing.

Beyond Hopes and Dreams is a motivational book meant for young African adults. This book aims to show you that one’s future cannot be determined by their poor backgrounds. Whether one is raised in a shack by a single parent or in a castle by both parents or grew up in an orphanage, one can become anything they want to be in life if only they put their minds to it. Whether you are a young person living in a farm, village, squatter-camp, township or suburb you all have the dreams and hopes. Blaming one’s poor background for not being successful is just a lame excuse that should be classified as crime in this country. Being born in poverty does not make you poverty. With this book, young people need to take cognisance of the fact that beyond their hopes and dreams, there is a better life waiting for them. A better life free from substance abuse, violence in schools and other social-ills that derail our African society to achieving its dreams and being amongst the best in the world.

This will be my first ever published book. I pray that it becomes big and put my name out there, not for my personal benefit but for other to learn from me and my journey. The book will be launched on the 22nd of August 2019 at Wits University Sturrock Park. To get a copy for yourself you can order from me, the price is R200 but it is subject to change.

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