25th Jun 2019

The local brick making industry is worth billions. Companies like PPC, Afrisam are trying to work with these small businesses to upgrade their equipment, provide training, get their bricks SABS certified and give them inputs at good prices. Hardware retailers like Cashbuild, Builders are willing to buy these bricks and onsell them.

As unemployment and a skills shortage among South African youth continue to cause concern, some young people avoid gaining skills in the industries such as brick-making. looking down on such jobs doesn’t help in eliminating the problem of youth unemployment. This is a perfect opportunity for our youth. If we don’t see this as an opportunity, soon the headline will say the industry was stolen. Which will be unfair to our fellow brothers from other countries who reside in South Africa. Because they are participating in the industry and doing good by far. Brick making is an unattractive job for the South African youth, should work be attractive in the first place?

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