Sbusiso Leope aka DJ Sbu.

22nd May 2019

Meet Sbusiso Leope aka DJ Sbu. In 2015, He went on stage at the Metro FM Awards and advertised his Mofaya Drink, and as a result, he was fired from Metro FM and because the SABC also owned the TV side, he was also fired from the SABC 1 TV show, “Friends Like These”.

“No1 Knoxman” as he is known from his township, says he had to go back to the hustle and sell his energy drink at the streets. He says that even his “celebrity” friends did not want to help market the MoFaya Drink by even taking a picture holding the can. It seems as if all doors were closed for him.

4 years later, DJ Sbu has managed to open his own radio station named MASSIV METRO which turned 3 years on the 1st of May and his MoFaya drink is now selling at all Pick n Pay stores and in a number of supermarkets.

DJ SBU has written several books on how to be a successful entrepreneur including “Billionaire Under Construction” and “The Art of Hustling” available in various bookshops in South Africa. He has also been invited several times to speak the Harvard Business School and has continued to prove to be a dedicated and committed entrepreneur.

Moral of the story: If you believe in yourself and believe in what you stand for, you will never give up even when all doors are shut on your face.

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