Christian Ngan

11th Mar 2019

Cameroonian entrepreneur, businessman, and financier, whose running a mega Cosmetic Company in Africa.

“Release our full potential, do something better to live in a better world” -Christian Ngan.

Christian Ngan (35) the founder and CEO of Madlyn Cazalis, a Cameroon-based cosmetics company that manufactures natural lotions, oils, creams, scrubs, masks and soaps made for African skin. The company has a footprint in more than 50 chemist stores, beauty institutes and retail outlets in Central Africa. It also distributes its own products.

He is an entrepreneur, businessman, and financier who owns Goldsky Partners SARL, Kiana and Madlyn Cazalis Group. He was born in Douala on 23 December 1983 into a middle-class Christian Cameroonian family but spent all his childhood in Yaoundé.

The company distributes17 skincare references in +150 supermarkets, pharmacies and beauty institutes with customers in 12 countries (Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Nigeria, France, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Hong Kong etc.) using natural local ingredients (Aloe vera, moringa, shea butter, cocoa, coconut etc.).

“Everybody has a potential to achieve great things, you just have to identify your talent and develop your skills. People just have to identify their talents and work everyday, learn from other people, practice again and again. I only used all the materials I learnt to pursue my dream, building a prosperous African leading company.”

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