Opeyemi Awoyemi (30) Olalekan Olude (34) Ayodeji Adewunmi (34)

6th Mar 2019

How 3 Nigerians are solving the unemployment problem and have a net worth of over $15 Million.

The Jobberman teams believe: “We can learn and unlearn anything we are committed to. It is true we didn’t choose our parents, where we were born or the colour of our skin but we can certainly choose who we become tomorrow. We are ultimately responsible for our future”

Founders of Jobberman Opeyemi Awoyemi (30), Olalekan Olude (34) and Ayodeji Adewunmi (34).  The company has an estimated Net worth of over $15 million. With millions of able-bodied Africans without jobs, unemployment is by far our continent’s biggest problem after poverty. Nigeria, Africa’s most populated country, adds nearly two million new job seekers every year to its already large pool of 40 million unemployed people.

In 2009, three ambitious university students decided to take on Nigeria’s disorganized job market by providing an easy way to match unemployed people with their dream jobs through

They went ahead to build Nigeria’s largest job search portal which now has over one million job seekers and 10,000 companies registered to date! The Jobberman idea was influenced by the success of naukri.com, India’s leading job search engine and the first Indian internet business to be listed on the Indian stock exchange. Since it started, Jobberman.com has helped more than 50,000 Nigerians find their dream jobs. The portal is used by both local and multinational companies to advertise job openings and find the right people.

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