Nthabiseng Mosia

5th Mar 2019

The 27-year-old South African Lady, whose lighting up Sierra Leone.

“Never apologize for wanting a seat at the table and pursuing your dreams”-Nthabiseng Mosia

Nthabiseng Mosia(27) is an entrepreneur finding affordable clean energy solutions for Africa by harnessing the power of solar technology. She is a  Co-founder of Azimuth is known locally as Easy Solar. She was born in Ghana and raised in South Africa. She grew up in a community that experienced power cuts which left the whole community in darkness. Inspired by the example set by her South African father’s lifelong activism, she learned early on that when you see a problem, you marshal your spirit, courage, and compassion to fix it.

She was inspired to start the company in response to the energy accessibility problems in Sierra Leone. Through her travel around the continent of Africa, she noticed that two-thirds of Africans lack access to electricity and are still using toxic, expensive lighting alternatives.

The company has 35 employees and 40 agents, with points of sales across 8 of Sierra Leone’s 16 districts.

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