Khethi Ngwenya

27th Feb 2019

A social entrepreneur who learnt that impact is more important than profit.

“My passion is to develop communities, by creating opportunities within these communities to expose them to what the world has to offer”-Khethi Ngwenya.

Khethi Ngwenya (28) is a South African entrepreneur and businessman. He is the founder and managing director of SchoolMedia South Africa’s largest Media and community upliftment company within Schools across South Africa. The company employs 8 people and has an annual turn over of over $375,00.

He also founded Xhuma, a company that uses USSD codes to connect parents with schools. “Some schools don’t have websites and others don’t have printing facilities to send information to parents. So in this way, a parent can dial a number from any phone and get information, like the school exam timetable, scheduled meetings, and any communication the school might wish to send to parents,” says Ngwenya. In 2012, School Media secured advertising rights in 9,000 schools; was nominated for the 702 talk radio Small Business Awards in 2013, and Ngwenya was nominated as a WEF global shaper in 2015.

Ngwenya’s journey in entrepreneurship started at the age of 10. He used to sell firecrackers with his aunt and when he was about 12, and borrowed money from her and started selling firecrackers. It was good money during the holidays and he made money and grew to sell sunglasses to his teachers.  That is when he realized entrepreneurship was a lucrative avenue.

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