Maria Zileni Zaloumis

26th Feb 2019

She’s transforming Agriculture

“Do not wait for opportunities, Create the opportunities. Do everything with Passion or not at all” Maria Zileni Zaloumis.

Maria Zileni Zaloumis (34) from Zambia is the CEO of Tuzini Farms, a commercial farming company that specializes in growing tomatoes. She is a member of the Zambia National Farmers Union. Syngenta and Omnia have recognized her as Zambia’s Youngest Female Farmer.

Before starting her own company, Maria studied nursing at the Australian Catholic University in Australia, where she practiced and later came back to Zambia where she struggled to get a job. She then decided to take over a section of her family’s farm (then Mariangale Farms) and has since turned it into a commercial entity. Soon after, she landed contracts to supply both Food Lovers Market and Choppies. She started with only half a hectare of tomato and now she has thirteen hectares.

Her farm employes over 62 people and generates a Gross daily income of over $500. She mentors 20 Youths at Kabwata Methodist Church once a month for free and also employs local youths who are on holidays from school at her farm to keep them busy and have them earn some money as they prepare to open their school.

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