Valentinas Methula

25th Feb 2019

First Young Black African to Manufacture and Commercialize a Cologne brand in Africa.

“When purpose is found, more energy is applied” – Valentinas Methula.

Valentinas Methula (29) CEO and Founder of  Valentinas Kafunngo Pty Ltd. He was born on the 15th of August 1990 in the East of Johannesburg, Tsakene South Africa. The company was established with an aim of creating a premium cologne brand that lives beyond time and establishes a fragrance that will be appreciated at home, in Africa and eventually make an impact in the world market. The company has 6 employees.

It took him five years of trial and error, coupled with research to perfect his perfume formula, leading to his final product called Valentinas Kafungo. In 2016, he met a lady who gave him pointers on what to do to get into the perfume business. He used the opportunity and learned how to mix perfumes at the Ekurhuleni Fablab.

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