Work/Action Speaks Louder Than Words.

9th Jan 2018

As a growing young man there will come a point in your life were all the excuses, clever justifi… wait… let me put it as simple as possible. A time when only work/action speaks louder than words. whatever choice you make has to bring results. No one will listen, only your girlfriend will continue to listen to whatever BS you feed her about why you are not taking action, taking responsibility, half steppin or failing yourself. But then again remember that even the most infamous killers have girlfriends. Girlfriends are fearless and loyal, they will stick by you all the way to your demise. Even if you started taking drugs today, they wonโ€™t dump you the day they find out, even the next month not even the next a year, they will leave you the day you die or completely canโ€™t fuck them. Also, friends will listen to your complaints about how you donโ€™t have food then after that, they go home to eat a fat steak then fuck their girl then sleep. Always remember that a man curses and spits fire with anger WHILE GOING TO OR DOING THE WORK HE HAS TO DO! This is because as a man the priority above all even your mother, lover or children is you being alive to provide and guide, therefore all you have is yourself and the drive to survive enough till you thrive. Everything else is as important and at the same time not important like the feeling of slipping your dick inside pussy after a long day of work.

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